Point & Shoot | Curly

Today is cleaning day.  I've needed to clean for the last week, but just haven't had the energy to do it.  Playing with the kids felt much better and more worthwhile.  Yes, the floor was like a sandpit, the dust was piling up just like the washing - but it felt so much more pleasant to be hanging out with the kids rather than hanging out the washing.

We have had a pretty curly week, so I am glad that the weekend had arrived.  We didn't have much planned - and that's the way I like it!

It started with a little home organisation (putting things away where they belong) after the week that was.  A little Father-Son trip to bunnings for more veggie garden supplies, some cement and sand.  We relaxed for the next few hours while to boys had their afternoon sleep and pottered around the house.  Discussing what we were going to plant in the veggie garden, what sort of shade sail we should get for the boys play area.  Then it was off to Nanny & Grandad's for a sleep over!  Yay for us, we were heading to D&P's for a good old BBQ/Drinkies catch up, which had been long over due.

We had a great night at a friend of D's 40th.  I think we finally made it to bed around 2am...yes, 2am.  We were up at 7.30 to pick up the boys from Nanny's, hangovers and all.  I knew my first hangover since having Liam would be difficult, but the hardest part was the lack of sleep.  Thank you Toy Story for the 1.5hr distraction while I slept on the floor next to Mitchell.  

This is what a curly week and a relaxed weekend looks like in our household.


  1. I love that last photo - captures sibling rivalry quite nicely! Glad you had a good night out - but those morning afters are hard work aren't they!

  2. I'm with Melissa - our nights out can sometimes be too big an investment! It's brilliant that oh just ditched the housework to be with the kids. I am looking forward to doing more of that soon. Life is too short and, just look at those cuties! Life is too cute too!! x