First post photo
Liam, The 4 of Us, Mitchell
Today is a day of firsts.

My First ever post.  My First Blog.  A first time blogger, but a long time follower of some of my favourite blogs - check them out and see for yourself.

I guess I am behind the 8 ball for starting a blog.  Everyone's doing it.  But it's something I wanted to do way back when my first son was born (2009), but just never got round to it - as you do.  So with fresh new year, i decided to create this blog.  Yes the title is a play on the Eat Pray Love, but all the other ones i wanted have already been taken - see note about the 8-ball!

So it may have taken 6 weeks to get to my first post - but i'm here and i am not going anywhere.  The main reason for starting this blog is to record my family's journey through everyday life.  Life is so busy and we always have the best intentions to preserve our memories, but sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day.  I figured if i could find half an hour somewhere in my day to write a little about what goes on in our day to day life, we might just be able to look back one day and see just how good life was/ still is.

I have butterflies in my tummy as i type this first post....will anyone read it, does it really if matter if no one follows it.  This is about me, my little family, my love of photography and all the little crafty things in between.

And...This is for my family to follow - to see what things the kids have been up too.  To show her how quickly they are growing up, in the weeks that we don't get to see each other.