Forrest Gump was once told:

Well today, I picked the chocolate with lots of nuts.  Yucky nuts with chocolate.  Can you tell i'm not a big fan of nuts in chocolate?

Today started out all wrong, exactly like the way I feel about nuts and chocolate being together.  From the kids waking at 6am and not going back to sleep, to then having them in the shower with me while I tried to shower and L slipping over and cutting his lip.  It was one day I was better off going without...

But, it was playgroup day and I needed to get some air and I thought some adult conversation might just  help me too.  So I packed the kids in the stroller, and walked to playgroup in mid 30 something degree heat.

Yes, I fell apart as soon as someone asked if was doing ok, but I tried to keep it together.  I had little chats with almost everyone today and felt so much better knowing I had a great group of friends around me.

Thank you girls for listening.  You are all wonderful.

The rest of the day seemed better, it still had its nutty moments, but things are on the improve.  And I am feeling so. much. better.  Maybe I need another chocolate, but let's hope the next one is more like this

                                                                      Source: google.com.au via LoveShootCreate on Pinterest

and less like this:

                                                                        Source: meggielynne.tumblr.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

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