I wish we could do this very weekend mum.

So as far as weekends went, this was a good one.  But there were a few moments I would like to forget.

Like the constant cleaning of the floors, due to copious amounts of sand M & L brought into the house from the sandpit.  

Like the "discussion" with Dad, the Father in law. The one where we were left with more answers than before and a feeling like it was all us - our fault - the whole thing.  I won't go into any details, but to say that Q & I are still feeling, well sick to the stomache.  

Like the washing, the ever present washing and the never going to get any smaller washing pile.  

But, on a brighter note the things that made this weekend great was the Breakfast with my Mum, Nan, Q and the boys at the Blue Duck in Cottesloe.  What an awesome view - pity the service wasn't 100%, but the food was awesome.

Summer Crepes with berry sauce.
The walk along the beach to the playground.  Seeing my family play together and spend time with each other without the distractions of the last few days and weeks.


Endless playtime in the sandpit and water table.

Sunday - Sleep in...

Family time doing productive things around the house, mowing the lawn, watching Liam chase after the lawn mower and try and put the earmuffs on his head, the boys actually playing happily together (for all of about 15mins).

The four of us, enjoying just us, playing, laughing, chasing and battling the 1year old with a very sore mouth and making some awesome BBQ fish with Thai sauce and coconut rice, with extra tasty prawns and side of Garden salad.  Thanks Taste,  you completed our weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Love the look of those prawns :)