A Long Weekend

Better late than never....

I love long weekends, but I always find that for the rest of the week I am a day out.  The following takes place on the Labour Day long weekend... Friday 2nd - Monday 5th March.

It was a lovely long weekend, HOT and busy.  We also kicked off what we call March Madness here in our household.  Every year is the same, birthdays, events and family reunions.

Friday morning we headed to Kalamunda to visit Nan (Granny).  The kids had a great time climbing the steps and playing Lego while Nan and I had a cuppa.  We then walked into Kalamunda for lunch at a local coffee shop.  Bbefore sitting down for lunch we realised that bunny was missing, so a quick run back along the way we walked located a little blue bunny lying helplessly on the path.  (Running in a pair of thongs is not good on the knees - or any part of the body for that matter!)  We ventured back to Granny's via the Park and of course a stop at the swings.

Friday was Dad's birthday and after a late change in plans to accommodate the kids we headed to Freo for a picnic at the park.  I had been holding on to a couple of Scoopon vouchers for a picnic for two from the DiChiera Brothers in North Perth and decided it would be a great time to use them.  Wow what a feast they put together.  and the strawberries & chocolate were an awesome dessert to end a fabulous night.  But first, we headed to Little Creatures brewery for a pint or two while we watched the sunset over the sea.  The boys had a grand old time in the sandpit - this has to be the best invention yet....a sandpit built into the deck outside!  We stayed for a few beers, some nibbles and once the sun had set, we headed back to the park for some dinner.

Mitchell spent a few hours running round the playground, asking nanny & grandad to "come play with me" or "come push me pease"on the swing.  Grandad even taught him how to roll down grassy hills - another habit he has learnt from his grandad.  I guess that's what grandad's are for, and I love the fact that Mitchell & my Dad get so much enjoyment having fun together.  Around 9ish we decided it was time to go.  Liam hadn't slept and Mitchell was pretty worn out (as were we).  I think I tried a few times to get Liam to sleep in the pram - I even chased Mitchell around the light pole while pushing Liam in the stroller!  

Saturday saw a few things completed around the house - some party prep for Mitchell's birthday, Quentin started on fixing the back limestone steps and I did the usual....washing, cleaning, tidying.  We headed out for a little lunch date and some shopping at the local chinese supermarket.  I have a balinese chicken curry on the menu this week.

Saturday night I went out with the girls - I wasn't planning on going out to Joondalup, but after a few wines and a little convincing, I found myself in a taxi on the way to the pub.  After a few drinks, a kebab and a few chips and gravy I was home around 12.45am.  (Thanks girls for a great night out).  

I had big plans for Sunday, but unfortunately they did not eventuate... something possibly to do with a small hangover!  Pancakes for breakfast (of which I got the recipe a little mixed up - I blame tiredness for this) and a cup of tea - just what the doctor ordered.

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