Wow...3 already

Can you believe it! I certainly can't.  3 years ago we welcomed you into this world and you have changed our world ever since.

You have become quite the little chatter box over the last few months and you can now officially ride your big boy bike...after just 3 days of practice! Each day you just get faster and faster and better at turning.  To date you have had one stack off your bike.

A few things we have learnt about you in the last three years:
 - you prefer cucumber in slices, not sticks
 - Dump Trucks and Diggers are your most favoured things to watch out for when we are in the car
 - You are still a parrot (you copy anything/anyone, even your little brother)
 - Your favourite colour is Blue (and occasionally green)
 - Peanut butter sandwiches for lunch
 - Chippies are also a favourite on the menu, along with Stir-fry noodles and Curries
 - Watermelon & Strawberry's would have to be your most favourite fruit
 and lets not mention cake...of any sorts...
 - You love talking on the phone now, to Daddy & Nanny especially.
 - On the special occasions we get Maccas, you want to "say it", "Happy meal, cheeseburger & apple juice", quickly followed by "thank-you".
 - Lately you want to push your brother around when he is in the stroller - and you do a pretty good job.
 - Your favourite TV Show is Handy Manny & Dinosaur Train
 - You love to have your back rubbed when going sleep and ask Dad to rub your head every now and then
 - Sometimes you don't like to listen to either of us, it seems to be selective of course!

We love the everyday moments with you that make us smile, you bring lots of love into this family and we love, love, love you!!!

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