Heatwave Number ??.... too many to count

This weekend has been a stinker.  and it still is.  Our little weather station outside under the patio shows that it is 39.8 degrees and 10.30am.  Crazy huh - crazy thing is that it said that an hour ago.

Thankfully we have the pool.  Mitchell would live in it if he could.  All day long we hear, "come on guys, lets for swim".  We have so much fun as a family in the pool, it really reminds me of how lucky we are - that we get to spend this time together.  It has been a huge relief from the heat.  That and the water pistols.

We had a lot of events to attend this weekend, it was a reunion weekend.  The only thing is we just didn't make all the planned events.  Saturday was party day for one of Mitchell's little buddy's and Quentin had a high school reunion in the evening - which meant I had a few lovely hours to myself.  Big plans for some Project Life, but lazing on the couch with some chocolate and a few episodes of Revenge was the overall winner.

I'm not too sure what time Quentin came home, but I do know that there was a very sore head the next morning.  It was all self inflicted, with something called a few pints of "Newcastle Brown".

Sunday we were supposed to attend a Uwen/Stoffels Family reunion at a local park, but Quentin wasn't up to it and it was at the wrong time of the day - 12 noon.  Lunchtime.  The hottest part of the day. The boys naptime.  I think it was me making the excuses too.  Oh well, there will always be next year.

It was nice to have a lazy day at home on Sunday - I even had a nap when the boys did.  I must have really needed it.  I'm not a nap during the day kinda girl - not even when the boys were newborn.

The sea breeze is in now and is providing some much needed relief from the stinking hot days we have just had.  Come on Autumn, enough of the hot hot hot weather, just cool it down a notch or two.

P.S My heart goes out to the Eastern States, all the towns currently experiencing flooding. You are in our thoughts. Take care everyone.

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