Point & Shoot: Birthday Wishes

It was my birthday last week and I turned 32.  It seems kind weird to see that number on screen, I really don't feel that number.  I had such a busy day planned on my birthday and it wasn't all fun, in fact it was a lot of driving around lugging kids in and out of the car and following up business issues for my husband.  There was no cuppa in bed, but to my surprise, my hubby came home at 9.30 and spent the day with me and the kids.

Instead of lost of driving around with the kids, I was able to go kid free...yay, i'm sure you all realise how much easier it is to just pop out to pick up a few things without the kidlets. It is amazing!

After completing all my errands, we all headed out for lunch in Subi and to pick up a bargain I got off Gumtree.  Lunch was wonderful, Hubby fed the kids while I sat back and soaked in the suns rays and sucked up a big fat chocolate milkshake!!  We headed back home for the boys to have their afternoon, and i even managed to fit one in for myself - I am not a napper, I actually hate naps - I just don't feel the same when i wake up - I'm not left feeling refreshed, in fact, completely the opposite.  It takes me a good 30min to get withit and wake up.  Its worse than waking up in the morning...haha

I was amazed at how many birthday wishes and messages I received that day, you know I really felt loved.  awwwww.  All my friends and family sure know how to make this girl feel better.  

I am so lucky to have such a great husband that spoils me and writes mushy romantic birthday card messages and am so lucky to have kids that singing "Happy Birthday cake" to me all day.  You Rock Family!!

Although I didn't get to see my mum & dad on my actual birthday, we did make up for it by heading out to lunch at one of my most favourite places in Fremantle - Little Creatures.  It's such a wonderful, relaxed, laid back pub, it even has a large kids sandpit out the back.  The weather wasn't the best for stting outside, but that didn't stop the kids - they had a ball out there.  My folks even took it turns watching the kids so i could enjoy some kid free time with my friends.

Thanks all for a wonderful birthday, turning 32 doesn't seem that bad after all...


  1. Lovely photos, happy birthday. Visiting from point+shoot.

  2. Hey Mel! I'm so glad you had a nice birthday - it sounds like a lot of my favourite things too (especially the no kids errand run and Little Creatures!) xx