Things learnt over the weekend.

1. Hand Foot and Mouth disease, may have left this house a month ago, but the side effects still live on...  A few of Leelee's little fingernails and toenails have started to fall off or separate from the cuticle at the bottom of the nailbed.   Initially I thought that maybe he had squashed his fingers in a door, but then the issue started to appear on more than one nail on both hands.  Then I thought it may have something to do with finger sucking as I have noticed him do that a lately.  But today, after some "research" (googling if you will) I found that it could genuinely be related to HFM.  Who knew it would hang around this long.

2. Brothers - they fight, yell, hit and jump on each other at times, but then there is this.... two brothers sharing a couch watching some 'toons' together.

3.  Puppies - they are oh so adorably cute, until they can jump, pull your clothes off the line and roll in them while you are not home.  As if I didn't have enough washing to do.  Thanks Roxy

4.  Photoshoots - Don't always go as planned.  Not even the promise of an ice-cream or milkshake could make our two come alive.  But how could we not stop for an ice-cream afterwards.

5.  Tantrums - Some one featured here today definitely knows how to throw them and I can tell you right now I. Dont. Like. Them one little bit.  How does someone so little want to be so independent already??  They can occur anywhere, mainly at home but one came out over the weekend in a public place - at the park.  I could just feel the stares from other people, the sideways glances as they look for where the screaming/crying is coming from... I couldn't bare to look them in the eye, I just had to laugh.  He just looked so damn cute with his arms flailing above his head and that squishy face all scrunched up.  Liam 1 Mummy 0

6.  Love - unconditional love shows itself in so many unexpected ways.  And I am just grateful for being able to be a part of such a wonderful family.  You guys rock my world.

P.S Sorry for the quality of the photos today - all non edited, no DSLR, iphone only pics.

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